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11-mil Textured Slip Resistant Aluminum Foil (Alumabond)

11-mil Pebble Textured Matte • Aggressive Permanent PSA
Compatible Inks: Eco-Solvent, Latex, Solvent, UV
Outside Durability: 1-Year +


Description Vendor # Item # Price
37" x 32f RALUMABOND-3732 1132730 $286.39
37" x 50f RALUMABOND-3750 9008245 $438.38
37" x 98f RALUMABOND-3798 1131103 $820.25
54" x 32f RALUMABOND-5432 1134915 $432.24
54" x 50f RALUMABOND-5450 1135875 $644.04
54" x 98f RALUMABOND-5498 1135876 $1,253.40

  Data Sheet

Data Sheet For DAF Alumabond Floor PSA Print Media

Apply to Various sealed and unsealed surfaces. Cement, Brick, Cinderblock. Asphalt, Pavement, Concrete, Tile, Marble, Vinyl and Wood. indoor and outdoor Walls, Stairs, Floors, Ground and other surfaces. Product construction is designed for easy mounting onto clean & dry surfaces. Minimum install temperature surface is above 45 degrees F. Rounded corners or soft-shaped graphics will be less prone to lifting. Not intended for vehicles to drive on. For uncommon surfaces or time-sensitive applications, a pretest is recommended.