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Texart SBL3 Dye Sublimation Inks

Specially formulated for dye-sublimation use with Roland's RT-640, Texart SBL3 inks make a massive difference to the color quality of your sublimated fabrics, apparel and customized product applications. They add a whole new level of color intensity and razor-sharp detail, previously lacking in sublimated prints that could look distorted and "fuzzy". Used in unison with the RT-640, Texart SBL3 inks can print in up to 8-color configurations to give you the color and contrast you've been looking for in a dye-sublimation system.


Description Vendor # Item # Price
Black Black 1Ltr SBL3-BK 1115896 $99.00
Cyan Cyan 1Ltr SBL3-CY 1115897 $99.00
Light Cyan Light Cyan 1Ltr SBL3-LC 1115898 $99.00
Magenta Magenta 1Ltr SBL3-MG 1115899 $99.00
Light Magenta Light Magenta 1Ltr SBL3-LM 1115895 $99.00
Orange Orange 1Ltr SBL3-OR 1115900 $99.00
Violet Violet 1Ltr SBL3-VI 1115901 $99.00
Yellow Yellow 1Ltr SBL3-YE 1115902 $99.00