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TR2 TrueVIS Compatible Inks

SPL Brand Eco Sol Max TrueVIS TR2 replacement ink for Roland TrueVIS VG2 and SG2 Printer Series are manufactured to deliver long term performance and exceptional quality.  With microencapsulated colorants that enable smooth tonal gradients, SPL Brand TR2 inks rival the OEM version and provide extraordinary print quality for a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates.

Users can simply change their original cartridges with SPL Brand ink cartridges and continue printing without the creation of new color profiles saving time and money.


Description Vendor # Item # Price
Cleaning Cleaning 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.CS 1141119 $57.99
Black Black 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.K 1141113 $99.00
Light Black Light Black 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.LK 1141118 $99.00
Cyan Cyan 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.C 1141114 $99.00
Light Cyan Light Cyan 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.LC 1141116 $99.00
Magenta Magenta 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.M 1141112 $99.00
Light Magenta Light Magenta 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.LM 1141117 $99.00
Orange Orange 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.OR 1141351 $99.00
Yellow Yellow 500ml Pouch ROL.500.TR2.Y 1141115 $99.00